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Where Can I Buy Pergo Laminate Flooring

Here at HiF Kitchens, we're a Pergo laminate flooring UK supplier specialist and are delighted to be an approved UK stockist of Pergo flooring. Using the links above, select the Pergo Laminate flooring or Pergo Vinyl flooring category you want to browse. You can be reassured you're purchasing from an approved Pergo laminate flooring stockist right here in the UK.

where can i buy pergo laminate flooring


Water-resistant laminate flooring and true-to-nature surface, whilst being easy to clean. With the Sensation range, Pergo re-invents laminate all over again.

Pergo's sales in 2011 were approximately $320 million in the United States and Europe. Pergo has been a leader in laminate flooring technology, including unique patents on design and installation methods.

"Pergo is a leader in laminate flooring in the U.S. and Nordic countries with premium value added strategies," Lorberbaum said in a statement. "This acquisition complements our specialty distribution network with Pergo's strength in the U.S (do-it-yourself market."

Pergo is a popular brand in the US, but it is often used as a byword for laminates. The company produces various flooring options but is most known for its laminates, which are a premium choice if that is your style.

If you are up for laminate flooring, Pergo is an excellent choice. It is highly affordable, offers a comprehensive range of styles, the results are beautiful, and is undoubtedly a value for money option. Let us discuss the benefits in detail:

The long-known history of producing the best in class laminates certainly gives Pergo an edge over others in the market. Despite such vast experience and premium finish laminates, their product remains affordable, in fact, mid-ranged, to suit almost every flooring budget.

Pergo rules the market, for they are the ones to have invented laminate flooring and bring the option to The States. But the benefits mentioned above also fair well with many other laminate choices. So what makes Pergo different? And what about the Pergo vs. other laminates comparison?

At Floors Touch of McKinney, we are a team of skilled flooring experts who can help you choose the right surface option for your business or residential properties. Whether you want to go for Pergo or choose another excellent laminate, we can assist you with your needs and beautifully install the floor without any hassles.

Just remember: TimberCraft is not an outdoor flooring option, and it is not a substitute for outdoor vinyl flooring. There are many brands that make products specifically for the outdoors, but laminate flooring brands are not among them.

This Pergo laminate flooring guide includes Pergo laminate reviews of the major lines and their cost. Pergo laminate pros and cons compare this brand with the other leading brands we've reviewed including Shaw, Armstrong, Mohawk and TrafficMaster.

Note on prices: The costs in the table are for the flooring only. Most homeowners spend 50 cents to $1 per square foot more on extras like underlayment, transition strips and installation supplies. About half of Pergo laminate products have underlayment attached, so the cost is built into the flooring price.

If you choose a Pergo laminate with WetProtect, be sure that installation follows Pergo instructions. There are a few special guidelines including the requirement to apply a bead of waterproof (silicon, for example) caulk to the perimeter of the flooring.

This tool is powered by our partner Networx which has been specializing in collecting, vetting and rating laminate flooring contractors for more than 20 years.Comparing the 3 bids can help you get the reasonable installation cost and avoid getting ripped.

35 years ago we invented laminate flooring. A floor that combines beautiful design and long-lasting durability like no other. Pergo laminate floors are made to withstand years of use and still look beautiful.

CALHOUN, Ga., Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mohawk Industries, Inc. (NYSE: MHK) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Pergo, a leading manufacturer of premium laminate flooring. The transaction was previously announced on October 29, 2012. The total value of the acquisition was $150 million in cash. In 2011, Pergo's sales were approximately $320 million in the U.S. and Europe.

In commenting on the closing, Jeffrey S. Lorberbaum, Mohawk's Chairman and CEO, stated, "We are pleased to expand our laminate offering with the highly regarded Pergo brand and designs that complement our existing laminate products. The acquisition aligns Unilin's strength with specialty flooring retailers with Pergo's depth in the U.S. DIY channel. In addition, Pergo enhances our geographic position and provides a platform to further leverage Unilin's patented technologies. The combination offers significant opportunities to optimize the assets of both companies while strengthening the design and product performance of both brands."

Mohawk is a leading supplier of flooring for both residential and commercial applications. Mohawk provides a complete selection for all markets of carpet, ceramic tile, laminate, wood, stone, vinyl and rugs. These products are marketed under the premier brands in the industry including Mohawk, Karastan, Lees, Bigelow, Durkan, Mohawk Home, Daltile, American Olean, Pergo, Unilin and Quick-Step. Mohawk's international presence includes operations in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, Malaysia, Mexico and Russia.

Kitchen floors have taken many forms over the years to address the challenges of the space, including a high frequency of spills and wear due to high traffic. One of the more typical flooring types perfectly suited for modern kitchens is laminate.

The best laminate flooring brands make products that are easy to clean and more durable than natural wood, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and rooms that may be exposed to moisture or direct sunlight. Read on to learn what type of flooring is right for your home and why the following are among the best laminate flooring products available.

Unlike engineered wood, plastic laminate flooring is completely man-made and consists of several layers. The backer, which is the bottom layer, serves as a moisture barrier. The core layer consists of high-density fiberboard that resists dents and serves as the backbone of the flooring.

There are a few considerations you should take into account when shopping for quality laminate flooring, including location, thickness, plank size, and ease of installation. Read on to learn which laminate flooring is the best fit for your needs.

As long as you follow proper underlayment insulation requirements, you can use laminate flooring in kitchens and even bathrooms thanks to its water-resistant qualities. You can even install laminate flooring on the walls if it strikes your fancy.

Laminate flooring varies in thickness between 7mm and 12mm. Thicker laminate flooring covers uneven areas in your subfloor as it resists bending, and it also feels more like a real hardwood floor. Thicker laminate also does a better job of absorbing noise. Keep in mind that some manufacturers will include the underlayment in the listed thickness of their flooring while others may not.

Most laminate flooring planks are about 4 feet long and range in width from narrow planks that are only 3 inches wide to wider planks up to 7 inches wide or more. Keep in mind that wider planks are notoriously more challenging to install than narrower planks. They are harder to snap together with end joints that resist staying flush with each other.

The goal of the texture and finish of laminate flooring is to look as much like real hardwood flooring as possible. Engineered hardwood flooring does the best job of mimicking natural hardwood flooring because it uses actual hardwood as its topmost layer. Thus, it possesses the actual wood grain and texture that makes hardwood so attractive.

Remember, you will need to install underlayment over the subfloor before laying down the laminate flooring unless the flooring itself includes an underlayment layer. If you elect to install the flooring yourself, you will need a chop saw and a table saw on hand to make the necessary cuts for proper laminate flooring installation.

With so many laminate flooring options available today, it can be hard choosing one that can match your style, needs, and budget. One of the best options overall is the Pergo TimberCraft flooring with its AC4 rating, sturdy 12 millimeter thickness, 18 finishes, and waterproof construction. For a budget-friendly option, the TrafficMaster laminate flooring has an AC3 rating, light-duty 7-8 millimeter thickness, 37 different finishes, and an added scratch-resistant top wear layer.

We researched the most sought-after laminate flooring options in their respective categories and discovered that the best picks are determined by their AC rating, dimensions, number of finishes offered, ease of installation, and other special features included by the best laminate flooring brands.

To match your home and personal preference, each laminate flooring option comes with a range of finishes, most with individual textures per plank, and have click-in technology for easy installation. To ensure this list includes the best options, we also ensured that the majority of our selection were waterproof and stain, dent, scuff, scratch-resistant.

Laminate flooring is significantly cheaper than hardwood flooring and easier to install. Most wood floors cost between $12 and $20 per square foot installed, compared to $2 to $8 a square foot to install laminate flooring, according to FIXR.

The life of laminate flooring depends on various factors, including the amount of traffic and the quality of the flooring. That said, you can generally expect laminate flooring to last between 15 and 25 years.

I did flooring for over 20years, not a lot of laminate however. I do think all the extra sealing of edges with silicone seems a bit much. Silicone is not the easiest caulk to apply correctly.I just watched video with a water balloon battle in the kitchen. I doubt the water proof technique is going to work in that scenario.I may put this product in my house but would not do all those steps to insure the waterproofing,I seriously doubt it would make much difference with water balloon battles going on! 041b061a72


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