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Buy Green Lipped Mussels

Green-lipped mussel was more effective than a placebo in reducing pain, improving function and improving overall quality of life when taken along with usual painkillers (for example paracetamol) and NSAIDs.

buy green lipped mussels

These New Zealand mussels are commonly known as green-lipped mussels owing to the emerald tinge along the shell edge. As they are attached to one side of their shell still, they make a very convenient carrier for all sorts of toppings - we recommend breadcrumbs soaked in wine with a touch of pepper. The green-lipped mussel is generally much larger than the European mussels you are probably familiar with.

Our favourite is: add onion (one small) and garlic (3 cloves) to heated olive oil in a large pan, cook until softened and add white wine (150ml), turn up the heat, when its bubbling add the mussels (1kg) add some fresh thyme, turn the heat back to low, add a tight lid to the pan and cook for 8-10 minutes, add some double cream (same amount as the wine you use) and cook for another minute. Scatter chopped herbs like parsley and serve with crusty bread. Delicious. This recipe serves two.

These giant mussels are from New Zealand and they are grown on ropes or chains dangling in the clear water fjords on the North island, named for its green edges it has been claimed to have medicinal properties and thus become a very popular product.800g net weight

Green-lipped mussels (Perna canaliculus) originate from the waters that surround New Zealand, and are known for being the largest type of mussel in the world. The name originates from the appearance of the mussels, whose shells are green in colour where the two sides meet, resembling a pair of green lips.

In this article we are going to look deeper into the science behind green-lipped mussels to ensure you have enough information to determine whether their benefits would be a good addition to your diet.

Green-lipped mussels were subject to extensive research almost 60 years ago, when American scientists were looking to isolate specific compounds to create potent natural drugs. Green-lipped mussels originally had their efficacy tested in patients who were suffering from cancer. Although there were no clinically relevant effects with regards to cancer treatment, some of the patients who happened to suffer from osteoarthritis saw a reduction in pain and stiffness, along with an improvement in mobility.

Positive findings were reported for numerous supplements such as curcumin, MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin. However, the most impressive results were seen in collagen from marine sources and green-lipped mussels. The authors concluded that these two supplements resulted in pain reduction that was likely to be clinically relevant. The researchers did question the quality of some of the studies included in the analysis, but nevertheless these results are impressive and should stimulate further investigation.

When looking at green-lipped mussels and the potential effect they can have on osteoarthritis of the knee and hip specifically, one study published in 2003 reported very promising findings. This investigation included 60 participants who took green-lipped mussel extract twice daily. After 4 weeks, the authors reported that 53% of the participants experienced a significant reduction in pain sensations and an improvement in joint function and mobility. After 8 weeks, this rose to 80%. These impressive results were also realised without any report of adverse side effects, which importantly shows that green-lipped mussels are not only effective for supporting the treatment of osteoarthritis, they are also safe.

But how do green-lipped mussels compare to cheaper and more regularly available fish oils? After all, they contain the same omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. One study that assessed this very question was published in the Journal of Marine Drugs in 2013. The researchers found that in sufferers of osteoarthritis, green-lipped mussels were significantly more effective for reducing pain and increasing quality of life when compared to the fish oil supplement. As the levels of omega 3s were similar, this suggests that green-lipped mussels possess other compounds that are responsible for the beneficial effects. However, at the moment, scientists are unsure which compounds exactly are providing the heightened benefits.

Firstly, a study from 2017 has shown that green-lipped mussels stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria whilst supressing intestinal inflammation. Many experts believe intestinal inflammation is a contributing factor to many chronic diseases, so diets high in fibrous foods (whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes) that include both prebiotic and probiotic foods are a great way to maintain good health.

Many people with osteoarthritis partially rely on non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen to help manage symptoms. Research has indicated that green-lipped mussels can work synergistically with NSAIDs to improve symptoms.

Unfortunately, NSAIDs are known to cause irritation to the mucosal lining in the digestive system which can lead to side effects such as heart burn and indigestion, as well as diarrhoea. However, the addition of green-lipped mussels can not only work with NSAIDs to improve treatment, but their anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce gastrointestinal side effects.

Complimentary findings were published over a decade later showing that in participants with hyperpnea-induced bronchoconstriction, compounds found within green-lipped mussels can significantly improve various markers of respiratory function. It is thought that again, these benefits are thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory effect that green-lipped mussels can have.

Now that we have discovered the various health benefits that green-lipped mussels possess, it is important to understand what dose is likely to provide the most benefit. From the research available, it seems that 1000-1500mg of high-quality green-lipped mussel extract per day provides the amino acids, glycoproteins and omega 3 fats that will provide a benefit to joint health, the digestive system and individuals with asthma. Doses in this range have also rarely seen side effects in those free from shellfish allergies.

As previously mentioned, side effects from green-lipped mussels are rare in those who are not allergic to shellfish. The few people that do report side effects normally experience gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhoea, nausea and flatulence.

There is persistent concern with regards to fish and seafood, however, due to fears over contaminants such as mercury. Fortunately, numerous research studies that have analysed the contaminant levels in green-lipped mussels have found them to be very low, largely thanks to the clean waters around the coast of New Zealand.

Although safe for most, green-lipped mussels are not recommended for individuals on blood-thinning medication as it may cause the blood to become too thin. Similarly, green-lipped mussel and other rich sources of omega 3 should be limited around surgical procedures to prevent excessive bleeding.

As there is little evidence for the safety of green-lipped mussels for children and pregnant/lactating women, usage of green-lipped mussel extract is not currently recommended for these demographics either.

What is NZ Pure Health Green Lipped Mussel?Green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) is a New Zealand shellfish, from which an extract has been shown to be useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA).Green-lipped mussel inhibits inflammation in the body. Although inflammation is normal under certain conditions, consistent or excessive inflammation can result in pain and damage to the body, including the joints. The human body makes several chemical mediators for inflammation. Levels of these chemicals in the body may be higher in people with RA who are experiencing symptoms than in symptom-free people with arthritis.

Research on green-lipped mussel has thus far focused on OA and RA. Although some studies have failed to demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of green-lipped mussel in people with arthritis, the outcomes of other studies have been more positive. In one trial, both freeze-dried powder and lipid extract of green-lipped mussel were effective at reducing symptoms in 70% of people with OA and 76% of people with RA. A similar study of people with either OA or RA showed green-lipped mussel reduced pain in 50% and 67% of the patients, respectively, after three months of supplementation.In 1986, dried mussel extracts became available that were stabilised with a preservative. The earlier studies that found no beneficial effect of green-lipped mussel on arthritis all used preparations that had not been stabilised, a point that may help explain some of the discrepancies in the research. One recent animal study compared the two forms and found a stabilised lipid extract to be significantly more effective than a nonstabilised extract at inhibiting inflammation. Because both forms are currently available on the market, it may be prudent to check on the form.Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), such as aspirin and ibuprofen, are often used for inflammatory conditions. However, most of these medications can produce the unfortunate side effect of stomach irritation, which may lead to stomach ulcers if taken frequently. One animal study found that green-lipped mussel significantly reduced stomach ulcers resulting from taking NSAIDs.

This effect has been confirmed through a number of studies, including one where scientists discovered that green lipped mussels seem to block the pro-inflammatory reaction without causing, and maybe even helping to reduce, the gastrointestinal irritation connected with NSAID treatment in dogs.

Dogs of all ages can suffer from joint pain and mobility issues. Arthritis is the number one chronic pain dogs face, affecting even young dogs. No dog should have to suffer silently every time they walk, which is why dog parents are doing everything they can to prevent future joint pain. There are many joint products on the market, but green lipped mussels for your dog could be a safe, natural option. 041b061a72


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