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Zombie Stories - Silent Aim ESP EXCLUSIVE

Other explanation: she saw Lee and Kenny from afar and hoped that they would help her. When she got surrounded by walkers on her way to them screaming for help probably seemed as the only way to save her life. She just underestimated number of zombies nearby.

Zombie Stories - Silent Aim ESP

See, this is where my argument about games and stories being inherently incompatible comes from. TWD already kiboshed alot of gameplay elements. And looking at this discussion thread, most ideas about improving the story or the pacing involve taking away *another* interactive element.

*Lee for some reason did not rest the ladder against the trailer and climb up, why not?*The zombies (and a lot of them) was trying to get into the drugstore, why? Both Kenny and Lee knows how to move about quietly by now, this seems very odd. 041b061a72


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