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Legion Of Doom, Incorporated Full Album Zip

Legion Of Doom, Incorporated full album zip: A Masterpiece of Mashup Music

If you are a fan of post-hardcore, metalcore, alternative rock, or mashup music, you might have heard of the Legion of Doom, a remix project by Trever Keith and Chad Blinman. The Legion of Doom is known for creating mashups of songs from various bands in the aforementioned genres, creating new and unique combinations of sounds and lyrics. One of their most famous works is the album Incorporated, which was released in 2007.

Legion Of Doom, Incorporated full album zip

Incorporated is a mashup album that features 14 tracks, each consisting of two songs from different bands blended together. The album covers a wide range of bands, such as Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, My Chemical Romance, Coheed and Cambria, and more. The album also features guest appearances from rappers Triune, Planet Asia, and KRS-One, adding some hip-hop flavor to the mix. The result is a diverse and dynamic album that showcases the creativity and skill of the Legion of Doom.

The album was recorded in 2005, but faced several delays due to some bands not wanting their music released in mashup form. The Legion of Doom decided to leak the album online through various peer-to-peer networks in 2006, gaining a lot of attention and praise from fans and critics alike. The album was later officially released in physical format through Illegal Art in 2007. The album was also released for free download on the Legion of Doom's website, making it accessible to anyone who wanted to listen to it.

Some of the highlights of the album are:

  • I Know What You Buried Last Summer: A mashup of "Buried a Lie" by Senses Fail and "You're So Last Summer" by Taking Back Sunday. This track combines the catchy melodies and emo lyrics of both songs, creating a catchy and emotional anthem.

  • Dangerous Business Since 1979: A mashup of "It's Dangerous Business Walking out Your Front Door" by Underoath and "January 1979" by mewithoutYou. This track blends the heavy riffs and screams of Underoath with the indie rock vibes and spoken word vocals of mewithoutYou, creating a contrast between the two styles.

  • Destroy All Vampires: A mashup of "The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us" by A Static Lullaby and "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" by My Chemical Romance. This track features rapper Triune, who adds some rap verses to the mix. This track is a fast-paced and energetic song that mixes the post-hardcore elements of both bands with the rap elements of Triune.

  • Hands Down Gandhi: A mashup of "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional and "Slow Down Gandhi" by Sage Francis. This track features rapper Sage Francis, who adds some political and social commentary to the mix. This track is a surprising and interesting combination of the acoustic emo pop of Dashboard Confessional and the conscious hip-hop of Sage Francis.

Incorporated is a mashup album that deserves to be listened to by anyone who enjoys music. It is a testament to the creativity and talent of the Legion of Doom, who managed to create something new and original out of existing songs. It is also a tribute to the bands whose songs were used in the mashups, who inspired and influenced many listeners with their music. If you are looking for a fresh and exciting musical experience, you should definitely check out Incorporated by the Legion of Doom.


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