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Kontakt Double Bass

the variety in both instruments and controls is remarkable and should get your perfect bass tone dialed right within minutes. its nice to know that every possible adjustment youll need is resting at the same window, and with a somewhat common-designed interface, youll surely feel at home.

Kontakt double bass

this is undoubtedly one of the most accurate-sounding libraries available today. hardly one can beat a double basss amazing texture, and quality like simple jazz bass does. most libraries tend to compress the lower frequencies a bit, and this is not the case here: all notes can sound very natural, especially when they are fading away in volume.

the versatile groove range can be easily assigned to your kontakt keyboard via its default midi channel. the range is spread on 3 banks and can be used for an infinite amount of funk, soul, hip-hop, and blues grooves.

groove range lets you assign your favorite bass grooves to the kontakt keyboard in a matter of seconds. you can also change the chords, time signature, and other parameters to fine-tune it to your playing style.

the bassramp is an incredible low-end. able to emulate the powerful taper of a hollow body, it can take any instrument you want and create your own custom taper. it can be used as a filler, freeze or detune on any note and harmonics, or simply as a one-shot transition between notes.


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