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Eberline Asp 1 Manual

Department of Defense (DoD)/Department of Energy (DOE) Quality Systems Manual (QSM) The DoD Environmental Data Quality Workgroup (EDQW) and the DOE Consolidated Audit Program (DOECAP) Operations Team developed this manual called the DoD/DOE Quality Systems Manual (QSM) for Environmental Laboratories. The QSM provides baseline requirements for the establishment and management of quality systems for laboratories performing analytical testing services for the DoD and the DOE. The manual is based on Volume 1 of The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) Institute (TNI) Standards (September 2009), which incorporates International Organization for Standards (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 17025:2005(E), General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. The document can be found at (DoD/DOE) Quality Systems Manual (QSM).

Eberline Asp 1 Manual



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