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Infuse PRO 7.3.3

Only using Infuse Pro for a month, but the thumbnail seeking makes it top of class. Or at least it did until the 7.3.4 update. Thumbnail seeks (HLS playlist content) which have always been flawless now display a blank screen. Have a 7.3.3 version that is fine and a 7.3.4 (auto-update in the prior 24 hours) that broke seeking for Apple TV.

Infuse PRO 7.3.3

Sorry for the slow reply on this issue. Because this is HLS specific, difficult to send a video in the traditional sense. The problem occurs on HLS content sourced from multiple providers. Never seen video seek fail on 7.3.3 and never seen it work on 7.3.4. Have used content from many different sources including Xumo and Pluto.

With 7.3.3 Apple TV, the playback is pretty much flawless and video seek is perfect. Absolutely top of class. With 7.3.4 Apple TV (and 7.3.5 ios), video seeking displays a blank screen. The actual seeking works, but is no better/worse than VLC. (Have not tested 7.3.5 Apple TV since rolling back is not an option.)

With respect to the HLS thumbnail seeking, there is a fundamental behavior difference. While seeking (scrolling the seek point), 7.3.3/4.2.5 real-time downloads the .ts corresponding to the current seek point to extract the thumbnail. By contrast, 7.3.4/5.0 does not even try to download segments while seeking. It stops downloading upon pause and only starts downloading segments again when play is pressed. (I hosted the actual segments to watch and compare the behavior.)

Unfortunately, this is likely the limit of what analysis I can provide. If 7.3.4 was downloading segments and failing to render, I could experiment further. Seems like either infuse no longer realizes it needs to download segments in seek move (lost events?) or the segment download call is now failing prior to attempting any network activity. Thanks.

Hi. I have already written about this problem in TestFlight. There is a flicker of the screen when watching DV Profile 5 video in 7.3.2, I thought to fix it for release, but no. In version infuse 7.3(3923) - this problem was not.I have already sent a video file in correspondence with support, but 2 updates have already passed and the situation has not changed.Mac os 12.1 041b061a72


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