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Airbus X A321 Liveries ((HOT))

Here you can find liveries made for the Airbus A320/A321. If the uploader did his work well you will just have to drop the zip you download on the livery manager and all will be done automatically! These liveries will also work for the Airbus X Extended

Airbus x a321 liveries

This is the list of all available ToLiss A321 repaints along with being a journal of upcoming work in progress (WIP) liveries. To request a repaint, Slap a reply to the forum with the aircraft you wish.

Images related to this file:aerosoft_a321_delta_n501da-1.jpgaerosoft_a321_delta_n501da-2.jpgaerosoft_a321_delta_n501da-3.jpgaerosoft_a321_delta_n501da-4.jpgaerosoft_a321_delta_n501da-5.jpgaerosoft_a321_delta_n501da-6.jpgaerosoft_a321_delta_n501da-7.jpg

The Aircraft Configuration section covers engine selection (Auto, IAE 2533 and CFM56), the Auto setting is used with the codes on the liveries (CFMS), (IAES) to automatically set the correct engine type to the livery. Other choices include having the older winglets or the newer up-swept Sharklets. SATCOM antenna, Number of ACTS (Additional Center Tanks) and basically creates a LR version), FPLN on Ground (Flightplan on Ground) and connection of the ailerons to the GND SPLR (Ground Spoiler). Note: all the set page settings have to be saved before use.

You seek perfection in flying heavy aircraft, the A321 is one of the best at giving you the full airbus experience, yes I love it, this is a great machine to be in control of. It also reflects back to the A319 in that it was certainly good for it's release period, but how far we have now come even since then, refinement in simulation is an ongoing process and one with no end, but now the level is getting high, very high with aircraft like this.

There are only two official liveries, a ToLiSS livery and a blank aircraft are provided with the ToLiSS A321. The official Airbus house liveries are the prototype registration F-WWIA aircraft and the later EADS house livery. The ToLiSS livery has the latest Airbus cockpit window detail which looks excellent.

Like the ToLiSS A319 there will be a dedicated A321 download section on the X-Plane.Org. Christoph_T and Matt Hayward are the main official contributors (Thanks to Matt for these ANA and British Airways Liveries), but the factory is already going at a full production line, so in time most liveries will be available. There is a link here: Aircraft Skins - Liveries.

Having already used the old aircraft package this was designed for I decided it was time to grab the Airbus A3321 re-paint package. It comes with plenty of cool little new re-paints from all across the world, covering everything from Easyjet to dealing with the likes of US Airways, Air NZ and even Star Alliance. The range of extra liveries look absolutely brilliant and each one seems to follow its historical precedent.

The package looks great and it makes it easy for you to enjoy a fresh range of new liveries that really do excellent. If you are like me and enjoy a bit of variety when you are building up your process, then I recommend that you consider trying this out for a more engaging, fresh and exciting way to see the old A312 burst into life.


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