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Sharon Pink

This beautiful new rose of Sharon has the same flower power and soft, graceful stems of other Chiffon varieties, but with large, soft pink flowers. You'll fall in love with the distinctive, clear pink blooms - they're a favorite of everyone who sees them in our trial garden!

Sharon Pink

Great large shrub for landscape use, young plants can be used in containers but will need to be moved to the landscape as they mature. Can be trained into a small tree. This is an excellent plant for the mixed border or as a specimen plant. The pink flo

I live in Zone 10A in Southern California (San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles) where summer temperatures are often in triple digits, which extend into the fall months as well. I bought 2 of these plants at Lowe's in April 2021, which were still dormant. I was not sure what to expect since the plants are not rated for my heat zone. They were planted right away and bloomed that first summer. This year they were already leafed out in early April, started blooming in mid-May, and are loaded with more buds. Both bushes have beautiful upright habit, with a few weeping branches and gorgeous light pink double flowers with dark maroon centers. Have not had any problems with reseeding. Do not require daily watering even in triple-digit temperatures. I deep water 2 times a week, 3 at the most if temperatures are in triple digits the entire week.

This plant was only 6' tall when it came from a mail order nursery earlier this spring. Now it is almost 30" and full of these gorgeous baby pink flowers -- plan to set out several more -- definitely a PROVEN WINNER in my book!

Hibiscus syriacus Pink Chiffon (Rose of Sharon) is a bushy deciduous shrub noted for its large, soft pink, semi-double flowers, up to 3 in. across (8 cm), adorned with darker veins at their center. Blooming continuously from midsummer to fall, each flower lasts about one day and stands out against the green foliage of broadly ovate leaves. A very useful, structural shrub for the back of the border.

DESCRIPTION Worthy of Marie Antoinette, these lovely earrings offer a sweet spin on the traditional, green, prickly pear designs we are used to seeing. With their white enamel, pink crystals, and Pink Freshwater pearls, this piece is perfect for those who want to wear a part of our national heritage with a feminine twist.

As bugs go, pink hibiscus mealybugs are cute. They're light pinkand look as if they've walked through powdered sugar. But ifyou're a greenhouse grower or homeowner with new hibiscus plants,they're not so cute. 041b061a72


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