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[S2E4] Another Brother !!LINK!!

I don't understand why people think that Nate has a lost brother. In season 2 episode 4, Cal says he's been fucking men since Aaron was in his mother's belly. His name on the gay app is DominantDaddy47, so he probably is 47 years old. He and his wife had their first child when they had just graduated, so this means Aaron should be around 30 years old, and this is not possible because I doubt he would still be living with his parents. So the simple answer is that Cal and Marsha first child isn't Aaron, he is actually the middle child and Nate is the youngest, meaning that Cal started fucking men years after being married, because he presumably lost contact with his love Derek due to the pregnancy and didn't know how to approach his secret sexuality at first. Eventually he found a way. Have I forgotten something? Honestly, I think the rumors about Nate killing his younger brother are silly. (or Ash being his brother wtf?) The oldest probably just moved abroad or in another state and has his own family already.

[S2E4] Another Brother

She invited Matias as her date, not only to make Grace uncomfortable (she pretended to not know Matias) but to also expose their romance. JC also made sure to invite Grace's mom and her brother, and when Grace's mom spotted Matias talking to Grace, the truth came spilling out.

Abhora utterly destroyed her totally gross elimination challenge, which means she lives to compete for another week. Can Abhora get her drag back on track in the next challenge? It feels like we are so far from the effortlessly unsettling fashion model from week one and the coal-miner goblin of week two.

In the opening scene, Jesse falls from a tree and becomes paralyzed. Then we see his mother die, giving birth to his brother, Simon. Jesse and Simon watched as their father was beaten in the streets by Roman soldiers, and then Jesse discovered his brother had left during the night to join the Zealots, and he was alone. What a story!

At the land where their casino will be built, Thomas Rainwater and Dan Jenkins meet before the groundbreaking ceremony. Jenkins brings up the Beck brothers, the men who threatened to withhold the liquor license from their casino project in the previous episode.

When it comes to her, she is the one to watch. Underestimated, undervalued, and undermined, she has only gotten this far by betting on herself and backstabbing when necessary. So between having to take out Andre, despite him being a decent brother, and taking down Wayne, for the sake of the people, her campaign will be the one to watch, and hopefully, for Chucalissa and her storyline, she wins.

Dr. Venture flies the X-1 back to the Venture Compound (damaging the statue out front when he hurriedly lands) and rummages through his laboratory for the equipment he needs to rescue his sons and Brock. Orpheus enters, and Venture's irritation towards the necromancer leads them into another debate on the relative merits of science versus magic. Completely forgetting the urgency of the current situation, they agree to settle the issue with a bet: whoever can shrink themselves the most proves his method is "better." They agree to meet back in the lab the next day to hold their contest. As he leaves, Orpheus reminds Venture he sold Jonas Sr.'s shrink ray to Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy at the tag sale. Venture, clearly having forgotten this, is rather unsettled.

In the otherworldly necropolis beyond Triana's closet, Dr. Orpheus approaches the throne of The Master. Sitting on the throne however, is a three-headed dog which snarls at Orpheus, prompting the necromancer to strike it with a fireball. The dog (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) complains to Orpheus about the attack, revealing that it is actually Orpheus's teacher in animal form. They begin a long discussion about Orpheus' lack of friends while the master sorcerer licks his own crotch with another of his heads (and pontificates on the pleasures thereof).

Finally, the Templars reached the Church of St. Lazarus. They mainly spent their time resting and praying, but the younger Templars took advantage of the time to mingle with the other members of the Order. Rhone found it hard to disassociate the members of the Order from the Leper who brought his sister to them. On the other hand, Kelton offended Elizabeth (Bethan Rose Young), who was also a leper, thinking that she is not one. While they rested, a Lazarian Knight opens the doors for a brother. 041b061a72


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